Bird Huntin’

This redbird has been hanging out at our house for quite a while. Redbirds always stand out to me – aside from being so very pretty, they remind me of my grandmother, who loved redbirds. I think I first noticed him in January. When it snowed, I’d see him – those bright red feathers against the clean white snow. Of course, do I ever have my camera during those moments? No, of course not.

I had my camera out a few days ago though, and I captured the little bugger:


I wanted to get a closer shot, but I had to take this quick and I was across the yard. Thank goodness I bought that Sigma Telephoto/Macro lens (70-300mm) last year.

Now I’m after a new bird. I’ve discovered one that likes to hang out on our roof. He sings AND dances. However, the boys and I were taking advantage of the lovely morning, blowing bubbles and planting seeds (zinnias, wish us luck. I lack a green thumb). Hopefully I’ll catch him next week.


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