Peter Cottontail arrived, with all his friends…

Boy, did we have an Easter weekend. The boys have more candy than they can fathom, due to an Easter egg hunt at playgroup, followed by an Easter basket from their Granna, followed by our local municipal “egg hunt” (in which there weren’t so many eggs to hunt, as there was just candy thrown around on the football field*), followed by an Easter basket from their Nana, followed by Easter goodies from their aunt, followed by Easter basket from me & BHE.

And somehow the Easter bunny was never mentioned. This was probably OK, because I’m not big on the mythology and the Monkey DOES NOT like bunnies at all. I didn’t really talk up the egg-laying bunny, and then I did the unthinkable:

 I forgot the Easter baskets this morning.

Monkey woke up with a seriously runny nose, and was just plain worn out, so Bear and I went to church while BHE stayed home with Monkey (Bear now has the runny nose too – lovely). With all the getting ready for church, helping with breakfast, and worrying about runny noses, I didn’t remember a thing about their Easter baskets until I was sitting with my sister-in-law in our Sunday School class and it dawned on me what had happened. The boys got their baskets – filled with a book each (Thomas for Bear, Reptiles for Monkey), a monster truck each, and a candy filled egg each (Reese’s cups for Bear, M&M’s for Monkey) – right as we got home for church, and the big bunny wasn’t mentioned at all. What was I going to say – “Oh, this bunny hopped up and told me that he forgot to drop this off, enjoy!”? I don’t think so.   

We had hoped to go see Horton Hears a Who! today, but unfortunately with Monkey being worn down with (maybe) a cold, that didn’t work out.

*This worked out well for Monkey, as he could select only the suckers and skip the candy he didn’t want.

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