And THIS is where I draw the line:

Monkey loves animals.

He obviously loves dogs – we plan to expand our canine family Saturday if all works out to plan, by adopting a miniature pinscher/rat terrier mix (we already have Annie, a rat terrier mix).

He loves our fish, especially the tiger barbs. Right now we have a ten gallon tank housing an opaline gourami (the tank bully), a betta (very pretty – dark blue body and red/pink tail), 3 tiger barbs, a few neon tetra (they hide, so I’m guessing we have around 4-6), and a rainbow shark.

He likes birds (today at the pet store saying “when I get bigger, I can get a bird like that” Me, thinking “no” – I like birds but from what I have seen, as pets they’re kinda nasty.

But Monkey is most fascinated by reptiles. Especially snakes. We’re not squeamish about snakes – BHE is disgusted by all rodents (an animal grouping Monkey does not care for at all) and that’s part of the hangup there. However, if Monkey wants one when he’s older we will consider it, frozen mice and all.

We’re willing to concede to a gecko at some point in the near (within the next year or so type of near) future. We like the leopard geckos and the crested geckosReptile Channel is a great resource on all reptiles and amphibians (herps, as they say) and I’d thoroughly recommend that as a starting point for anyone. The geckos look freakin’ cool as pets, I must say. If we buy one, we’ll probably end up making a trip to the Aquatic Critter in Nashville – we visited there a couple of weeks ago with the boys and they had everything, including Savannah Monitors like the ones featured in the below clip. I gotta tell you, we are NOT going to reach this level of reptile ownership:

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  1. Your house sounds like mine! We have 2 turtles, 5 ferrets, 2 uromastyx and 1 iguana. We used to have geckos but seem they are nocturnal we traded them in for uromastyx. Plus, uros eat only peas and bagged spring mix from the grocery store. Crickets for the geckos got annoying. We also had a savannah monitor at one point but my daughters and I couldnt stomach the whole feeding of the mice thing. Good luck on your gecko quest!


  2. Posted by Mandy on March 1, 2008 at 12:54 am

    I actually got the shivers reading your post. I loathe fish and anything remotely reptile-looking makes me squeamish. My poor kids. You’re a good Mom! I just can’t go there. I have issues. I may agree to a small dog someday. That’s my limit though! My step-sister has three boys and they have had all sorts of creatures as pets – even a tarantula!! Ick, ick, double ick!

    Oh and birds make for crappy pets, literally. Some people love them but my step-bro had one when I was a kid, and it was the most obnoxious thing on earth. Dirty, too…if that’s your thing, then fine, but as pets go, they’re not high on my list at all.


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