Cleaning Green…

The Simple Family has a good post up that got me looking further into green cleaning.

 I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m no Martha Stewart, so I’m not exactly the mistress of the perfect home. Far from it, there’s stuff everywhere. But when you have kids, you want to at least make the attempt at cleanliness…but the cleaning products we’ve been using, the traditional chemical-laden stuff, has been weighing on my mind. I mean really, what’s in there? I didn’t know.

I bought Seventh Generation dish soap a couple of months back, and it smells great. At that time, I discovered that dish soap uses petroleum. You know, petroleum? One of the myriad of reasons we’re in the Middle East? That stuff our society (overly)depends on at this point? Well, it seems we’re cleaning with it too.

I did some research, and turns out green cleaning is pretty easy – and it’s CHEAPER than buying all the chemical junk that you’d find in stores. had this article about the use of common vinegar, baking soda, and lemons as cleaners. I found this site which lists a lot of recipes for making your own cleaners – click on the various room links for the recipes. Clean and Green is another good source for green cleaning recipes. Treehugger has some good information here. And The Simple Family mentions cleaning with vinegar here.


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  2. I use a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water to clean my home. I like to add 4 tablespoons of lemon juice because i love the citrus scent. This solution will clean just about everything in your kitchen and bath eliminating the need to purchase pricey commercial brands. Plus, it’s much better for the environment


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