This Week

Number of nights spent with me, BHE, the boys and (on occasion) the dog all in the same bed: 4

Number of nights I thanked God that we upgraded from a full bed to a queen in ’06 – 4

Number of times Bear’s congestion caused him to gag and puke a nice mix of apple juice and phlegm on me: 2

Doses of Tylenol administered: 5

Motrin: 1 (Bear fought this one and gagged and puked it up today; back to Tylenol)

Number of times Dora (or Diego or Thomas or Jay Jay) was played in an effort to keep Bear and Monkey happy (because Bear gets into the coughing with potential for aforementioned gagging when he cries, and Monkey’s been a little jealous because being sick must be so-much-freakin’-fun): Lost Count

Bear’s got a nasty cold. Throw the nasty storm that came through Tennessee on Tuesday night (no damage here) into the mix, and it’s been one sleep-deprived week here on Awesome Avenue.

One response to this post.

  1. Ugh. Glad you made it through and that everyone’s safe, if not so well-rested.


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