Rockin’ Out

BHE and I went out on our first “date” in a while (and first concert in a very long while, as the last one was Motley Crue back in Summer ’05), and had a blast at the Foo Fighters show last night. They are absolutely my favorite band, getting better and better with each album, and I haven’t seen them in years (last time was when they were touring with The Colour and The Shape…ten years ago). I wanted to see them when they toured with Weezer, which would have been awesome, but I don’t think they came to Nashville during that tour.

There were two opening acts. The first was Hello Stranger (I think – I am guessing from the T-shirt stand merchandise). They were OK. Opening acts are always kind of a pain for me and BHE – unless they’re someone really awesome, you just get really sick of it and you’re like “bring on the show!”. Anyway, the highlight of Opening Act A, whoever it was, is the keytar…used to AC/DC’s Thunderstruck…sung by a gal…it was all kinds of crazy. BHE thought it was all kinds of wrong…I thought it was all kinds of hilarious. And they closed with it, so we were glad to say ‘Adios’ to Opening Act A…

 …until Opening Act B came out. Ever heard of Against Me? Well, I wish I had gone a little longer without knowing about them…was not impressed. Very “we’re from Florida but we think we’re UK metal meets UK punk in ’82″….and cripes they were loud. I don’t mind loud music at all…I am queen of hearing nothin’ but then radio when it’s just me in the car…but AGH!

Anyway…on to the Foo Fighters, who were indeed awesome. I think they cut it a little short due to Dave Grohl’s voice – he was really at the limit it sounded like, and according to their blog (check the blogroll to your right) he had a cold or something (oh wait, checked the blog again…they’re canceling dates…he’s sick alright).

BHE did note this morning that, surprising, they did not play the current single, “Long Road to Ruin” – I have a feeling this was due to vocal strain as it is odd not to play the current song that’s out (plus their blog shows pics of the set list from previous shows, listing this song)…but who knows, maybe they were changing things up.

They played a good mix of new and old songs, acoustic and rock; I’m not going to go through them all but here’s some:

  • Opened with “Let It Die”. No comment, song is awesome. Segue into “The Pretender” – awesome.
  • “Times Like These”, and I was beyond thrilled. One of my favorites.
  • “This is a Call” and “Stacked Actors” – turned these into huge songs (length) without going all jam-bandy. I think it was during one of these Taylor Hawkins ripped into an awesome drum solo. It’s incredible to see how, with some of the older songs, they’ve added in variations to keep the song fresh.
  • Acoustic set time – “My Hero”, “But Honestly” (I love the ending guitar on that, which was not acoustic…I think acoustic set means that Dave Grohl is acoustic). Taylor Hawkins sang “Cold Day in the Sun”, my absolute favorite off the acoustic side of In Your Honor. Everlong was also awesome – just Dave Grohl until the end when it was back to electric.
  • Played “Monkey Wrench” (yay!). Encore was “All My Life”.

Dave Grohl really hammed it up on stage and is masterful with the crowd. Funny thing with him is he always notices at least someone in the crowd – at Riverstages 10 years back, I remember that there was a girl minus a shirt and he said “hey, somebody get that girl a shirt!”…well, this time he picked out tye-dye guy, stating that in 13 years of Foo Fighters, that’s the first tye-dye guy. OK, on blog that doesn’t translate as funny, but trust me it was. Oh, and did I mention that he got the percussionist, aka triangle guy (aka “the Foo Fighters got to baddest MF’ing triangle player”), to play a triangle solo?


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  1. We had tickets to the show, got to Nashville and went out to eat with friends. After dinner we just weren’t feeling like staying out and also didn’t feel great health-wise, so we skipped out. Glad it was a good show.


  2. Posted by roy on February 4, 2008 at 5:39 pm



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