Love Thursday

So I found a new site called Shutter Sisters – check for the link in my blogroll.

They have this ongoing thing called Love Thursdays – I don’t know if I’ll keep up with it, but it sounds fun. Here’s my submission, an old picture of mine I took back in April 2006 with my older camera (point-and-shoot Sony DSC-P73).

Almost Four Years...

BHE and I have been married for almost six years now, and have been together for over ten. There’s still no one I’d rather be with – we still laugh together and have fun together – he’s my best friend as well as my only love.

You can gag now.

Anyway, the rings are sitting on top of my old John Thompson 3rd grade book. It was my mom’s when she was growing up, and once I was able to play out of it I was so proud to be playing out of the book that my mom played out of for us when we were kids. I still play out of that book, though lately I’ve been playing more out of this one.

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