88 Years Later…

So….I went to vote today. Early voting in Tennessee is going on throughout January, and voting moms/dads that stay-at-home-with-the-kids, this is your BFF for the primaries. I was in and out of our county building in no time.

Anyway, my dork nature is coming out because ya’ll, I love to vote. Love love love it. I’m really actually quite cynical about politics – as a general rule I don’t trust politicians, and know that they’ll be bought by whatever interest writes the check, and will say whatever they need to (Mitt…Hillary…) to get elected. 

But the actual process of voting – not to mention the fact that women have only been allowed to vote for 88 years – really gets me. Pushing those buttons and making the choices that will affect our country (or state or city) – for good or bad – is inspiring. I’ve voted in city elections that were decided by just 100 votes, edging in a new mayor over the 20+year incumbent. I always vote, particularly in national elections but often in statewide and citywide too. I guess I have always felt that it’s my duty – as an American and as a woman – to do so.

Today my oldest pushed the big red CAST VOTE button – and I’ll admit I felt a little twitter of pride for the man’s “first vote”.

Who did I vote for? I’m not pushing an agenda on anyone, but if anyone (like the 2-3 people that read this blog) wants to guess in the comments feel free!

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  1. I have no idea who you voted for (since I just ran across your blog, it’s interesting!) but I love voting too! Ever since I turned 18 I try and vote in every election (local/state/federal). Here’s to exercising our rights as American citizens!


  2. Posted by Mandy on January 23, 2008 at 4:19 pm

    I have always voted in anything I can too, until the kids came along. Since then, I’ve voted in major elections. I just can’t keep up with it anymore. I didn’t even know we could vote early right now. I am pathetic. I have kept up with the candidates but I can honestly say I have no idea who gets my vote right now. I find a lot of the candidates to be disturbing, to say the least…

    Can I guess who you voted for? I don’t want to though because if I do and I’m wrong, it might insulting to you!! Alright, maybe Obama? Don’t hate me.

    Oh and last year, James casted my ballot for me too! We actually wound up with our picture in the Gallatin paper, with James reaching to the ballot machine to press the button. I saved it on the computer, it was very cute.


  3. I love to vote, too! I even took Addie the last time I voted to expose her to our American rights. Since she was about 3 (maybe 4?) months old, I’m sure she really benefited a lot from it – HA HA HA!!!


  4. Hooray for you! I love voting, too, and I always loved going into the booth with my mom as a kid.


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