Someday this house will indeed be decent.

Found this via the fabulous BlondeMom. It’s a great idea for covering plastic bins that many of us moms use for toy storage; check it out. I am now wishing we’d bought some excess fabric when my mom did the curtains for the boys’ rooms.

 However – I always see these cool ideas and make a half attempt at organization, only to have it FAIL MISERABLY. I am no Martha Stewart, my friends.

My new “someday this house will indeed be decent” mantra is: “when The Bear (my youngest, not in any way, shape or form affiliated with a certain long-deceased-yet-long-revered-within-my-former-state SEC coach) moves up into a toddler bed, the boys will share a room and the other room will be a playroom, and all the toys will stay in there”.

Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha.

We just run a chaotic yet lazy household here on Awesome Avenue, I guess. It’s not a pigsty (yet) but it ain’t no Martha Stewart.

However – again, via the fabulous BlondeMom – I found some blogs with the intent to simplify their living; I’m adding them to the blogroll in just a bit. A lot of it is devoted to reducing spending – a good thing to do, and a bit brave in the midst of our “buy buy buy” culture. Honestly, I’m not a big shopper, but it did get me thinking about all the stuff in our house that we just don’t need – starting with the bags I have been meaning to take to our local Goodwill for some time now. So I think 2008 might be the year that we declutter – really take inventory of what we need and just get rid of a lot of junk. I’d have a yardsale but that takes a lot of planning and time that I don’t have – instead I think I’ll donate. Anyone know of some worthy organizations for my “junk”? Goodwill always works, but I would love to find a good organization that might get stuff directly to those who would need it (for this I’d assume clothes, children’s toys, etc…).

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  1. Posted by Mandy on January 18, 2008 at 11:45 pm

    We have way, way too much stuff as well. Our attic is completely full, and all the closets are filled to capacity. I know Gallatin Cares and Portland Cares take clothes and toys. I think there is a shelter for abused women in Gallatin (HomeSafe maybe?) and you could donate some toys for the children there. Or donate toys to some local church nurseries. Just some ideas! I should take some of my own advice though…I’m a hoarder by nature.

    And I love the link! That’s a great idea.


  2. I feel your pain. We are actually pretty good about “purging” but it’s just amazing how much stuff one accumulates when you have kids! I fantasize about having a true play room but right now we have a play corner (hmmm…in several rooms.) 😉

    I always do Goodwill, but there is a drop off center here in Bellevue and that makes it super convenient!


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