Brief Hurrah. Then…blah.

I don’t really plan to talk about work here for several reasons. For one thing, I think it’s bad mojo to talk about work on your blog, particularly if you’re going negative – who knows who is reading your blog? Additionally, I like my job, plus I work on nights from home and on weekends when no one is in the office, so all my dealings with folks are via phone and email and therefore I don’t get involved in any office drama that might be going on; so any blogging about work would be, quite frankly, boring.

This might be boring too, but here goes: I work for a publishing company. Writers/journalists, before you go nutso and start emailing me your resume….you’d be emailing the wrong gal. I am not in editorial. I’m not even in advertising or events. No friends – I’m in the workhorse department  – circulation. No glamour there (and word to the wise, wannabe writers – don’t apply to a circulation job thinking that’s your “in” to editorial…as a former circulation manager that’s had to hire, nothing was more frustrating than “I want to write…” – next).

Anyway, my duties in circulation include budgeting for the year, as well as writing the promotional letters and planning the mailings (target audience, etc…). So revenue/profitability is a big deal for me…I’m quite the little number-crunching nerd.

So I’m doing my reporting as I do at the beginning of each month (for the prior month) – these reports having a little more weight to them as they involve year-end data – and I celebrate the fact that we have, again, increased revenue for the third year in a row – yay!

But the joy is brief, as I think about January, and will we have a “good enough” January, and if it’s low are we going to be playing catch-up for the rest of the year….it never ends. I remember getting this feeling last year too, and the year before…

I dunno, maybe I worry too much, and should just enjoy the “now”.

In other news, Hillary and McCain apparently took NH. I’m not too thrilled about Hillary, and don’t give a rip about McCain, but am beyond thrilled that ol’ Mitt is going down. How fake is he, anyway? The only debate I’ve seen was the last Republican Youtube debate, where he dodged questions left or right…kind of like Hillary does, hmmmm….

I’m an equal-opportunity jaded American.


One response to this post.

  1. LOL on the politics. So true…

    I almost blogged about work today but I stopped myself. I dunno. I may blog what I was going to write about. It’s nothing earth shattering, but I found it comical in an annoying sort of way! 😉

    But then again I am paranoid about any sort of work related blogging!


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