Nahnahnahnahnahnah – they say it’s your birthday!

I turn 30 in something under 2 days. I think it’s supposed to be some type of “milestone” for me but it’s not. I’ve never made a big deal of birthdays – for the kids, sure, but as an adult I don’t really give a flip.

But BHE is one awesome hubby, so in addition to the new camera lens (combo b’day and Christmas) I’ve got a new Wii game – can’t wait to try out Super Mario Galaxy and I think he got me something else to open Sunday (my birthday) – he’s an awesome husband without the gifts, and I actually told him not to bother, that the lens was enough, but he’s thoughtful like that and I think he wanted me to have a true birthday present. And Mario’s fun for the whole family.

But with Christmas gone and birthday approaching I was reminded of a grouping of commercials that has annoyed me year after year, but this year a distinct set of these ads have annoyed me more than ever:

The “He Went To Jared!” ads.

I typically don’t like jewelry ads for what I am about to go into, but these truly take the cake for me. These are truly the peak of “all women are materialistic” advertising. For one thing – and it’s been a long time since I dated, thank goodness – I would have never gone back to my friends detailing “what I got”. Especially now as a married woman, with a beautiful family, etcetera, etcetera…jewelry is not the be-all, end-all of relationships. In other Jared ads, the women whose husbands/S.O.’s don’t go to Jared are visibly ticked. It’s a mallish, chain jewelry store, for Pete’s Sake! I’m sure the jewelry is fine, but isn’t it the thought that counts?

I know it’s an ad, but gosh it ticks me off, as much because it’s simultaneously directed to women and yet passive-aggressively offensive to women…wait, I’m going to back-peddle here, actually. It just dawned on me that it’s not directed to women – it’s directed to their poor husbands/boyfriends in an attempt to say “look, don’t be a loser, go to Jared…”. I’m still offended.

Gender-offensive advertising is not solely restricted to women though – I think more common is the “stupid man can’t get it done” ad or the similar “childish man” ads, like the one that Circuit City ran where the man, upon entering the store, cannot contain himself and acts like a child in a toy store. BHE cannot stand these types of ads so I’ll take his word on that.

Offensive to everyone – but always funny to me – the “it’s so hard to do it the normal way” ads, one of the best being this Pasta Express ad where the “average mom” can’t aim the spaghetti into the colander because it’s just so. freakin’. difficult.

So, to the five people that read my blog, what ads offend you?

3 responses to this post.

  1. Happy Birthday! My 30th is coming up in a few weeks. I usually don’t do anything for my birthdays, but this year I’m going to make myself a cake.

    Can I come over to your house and play Wii? 🙂



    I can’t think of many ads that really offend me lately, but one that I loved this year was the one where the husband calls the wife and tells her to pick up the son. She gets mad, hangs up, and goes outside to find the husband (and son) outside with her brand new car. Love it! I could see JM tricking me like that 🙂


  3. Posted by tnemily on January 6, 2008 at 10:19 pm

    Cindy – you can totally come over and Wii! Just let me know when!

    Thanks to you both for the birthday wishes!


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