Never – I mean never – taunt a tiger…

A teenage boy died in S.F. due to being mauled by a tiger. They’re thinking the tiger might have been taunted and escaped from its enclosure by climbing/jumping the wall.

BHE and I used to go to the Knoxville Zoo a lot when we were first dating in college. He had season passes (yearly Christmas  gift), so it was free entertainment, we both loved seeing the animals, and since we were both in college we could avoid the peak crowds.

Not too long before I graduated – on one of our last visits to the zoo before moving back to Middle Tennessee – I remember approaching the tiger area of the zoo. I should mention that the tigers were behind chain-link fencing, with visitors behind a much smaller fence and several feet of land between the tigers and human onlookers. That day, as we approached I quickly noticed that some dumb redneck had scaled the fencing around the tiger and was approaching the chain-linked fencing area where the tiger resided.

The tiger instantly lept out of the water in which it was lounging and made for the fence, and never have I seen a redneck move so fast – not even on Cops.

So ya’ll, never ever ever taunt a tiger.


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  1. Posted by lynn on December 30, 2007 at 10:38 am

    seriously! We were just talking about this at dinner yesterday. Makes us rethink doing the blue moon campout at the Nashville zoo…


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