Who watches Oprah anyway?

Let me preface this by stating that I likely won’t vote for either of these candidates – I’m still in the exploratory stage and will likely vote for someone that doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of making it through the primaries. That’s how we roll on Awesome Avenue.

I read this about Oprah backing Obama and was treated to this gem:

Former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, a national co-chairman for Hillary Clinton, has brushed off the Winfrey appearances.

“I’m not sure who watches her,” he told The Washington Times in late November. “Maybe young moms, maybe people who are retired. But we have the support of most retired Democrats.”

Here’s my problems with this quote (and obviously, the Clinton folks are getting pretty nervous about Obama for them to even comment on this).

  1. I’m not sure who watches [Oprah]. WHAT? I am not her fan at all – frankly, I don’t watch her show, don’t care who she endorses, what her book of the month is, etc…but there’s a reason she is so filthy stinkin’ rich. She won so many Emmy awards that she removed herself from consideration for future awards. And it looks like she still, after many, many years on the tube, has the #1 show in syndication. Who watches Oprah indeed.
  2. “Maybe young moms…” – ah yes, because we stay-at-home moms have nothing to do all day but eat bon bons and watch Oprah. We make no contributions to society whatsoever. We don’t contribute to community and church or anything like that. We’re just raising the next generation of voters, we empty-headed moms of America. That’s all.
  3. “…maybe people who are retired.” Actually, you can tell later in the quote that he forgot what a voting block that retired America represents, because he then goes on to say “But we have the support of most retired Democrats.”

Maybe I’m just in a mood, but that quote dripped with such condescension toward middle America that I felt a little sick about it.


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