Food that is just kinda wrong, parte uno

I get emails from the Kraft Foods site (I also get their magazine). It’s not gourmet, but I’m not a gourmet cook by any means, and as long as you avoid the dinners which revolve around heart-attack-level, sodium-enriched “deluxe” mac-n-cheese dinners, you’re generally OK. The best thing I have made from their recipes is this stir-fry; I use whole wheat thin spaghetti instead of the angel hair, but it’s good and I’d recommend it. It’s easy and tasty, so I keep it “in the rotation”.

 However, when I saw the recipe for the Tiramisu Bowl, I had to check it out as a L-O-V-E love tiramisu.

 Oh. My. Crap.

 Ya’ll, tiramisu should not involve vanilla instant pudding, cool whip, or Nilla wafers. Banana pudding, sure, but not anything billing itself as “tiramisu”. I know Kraft has to sell product, but yuck. Sadly though, it seems to have rated well with the website’s visitors…


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  1. Posted by scaryreasoner on December 6, 2007 at 10:50 pm

    Heh. Once, in Mexico, my brother was at a restaurant and ordered tiramisu (it was on the menu.). They brought him cheesecake. Whatever, he ate it. When we left, we told the hostess, when she asked, “was everythign alright?”, “the tiramisu was cheesecake.” She said, “oh, everyone says that.”

    yeah, I bet they do.


  2. […] sometimes you do get a hit (which I blogged here, while also mentioning a big miss). Last week I made Taco Salad Bowls, which BHE and I both loved – […]


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