Divorce ain’t eco-friendly…

This is interesting.

Basically the theory is that divorce creates a need for more housing and energy consumption, since two that would have normally shared a home are now in two separate abodes.

The more interesting quote I found: “Matt Golden, founder of San Francisco home energy audit company Sustainable Spaces, says overall household space is increasing while occupancy is shrinking.” That’s not just divorce folks, though divorce in general is not a pretty thing – that’s the whole concept of the “bigger is better”, supersizing and McMansioning of our culture. We grow and grow and grow and expect all our resources – oil, food, water – to catch up.

 At some point, I worry that it won’t. I worry that certain politicians with a whole lot of pull that think global warming isn’t real really have their heads in the sand, or are so concerned in present day that they don’t think to worry about their grandkids’ future. I worry about politicians – on both sides – that have their lobbyist’s interest at heart more than the health and welfare of their people.

I look at my kids and realize that, in their lifetime (likely by the time they hit their 50s), polar bears** could potentially disappear for good due to total habitat loss. My grandkids might be lucky to see one in a zoo.

**I have not read this whole article (I’m a very small-time blogger, not a journalist) but it’s quite thorough and supports what I have read independently over the past few months.

2 responses to this post.

  1. No! Not the polar bears!


  2. Posted by Rach on December 6, 2007 at 5:41 am

    The future may be kinda scary huh? I just wish coca cola would put back into circulation the glass bottles that used to be returnable. That would save alot of landfil space in areas where there is no recycling. Besides that…they tasted better.


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